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There are many wedding stationery items so I have compiled a guide to help you understand some of their technical terms. All items are available in all the themes shown in our stationery gallery and can be customised to make them personal to your special day.

Wedding Invitations, Evening Invitations, RSVP Cards, Order of Service, Seating Plans, Place Cards, Menus, Menu Place Cards, Thank You Cards, Envelopes and Inserts, Save the Date

Wedding Invitations

This is an invitation to your guests to your wedding. It is recommended that it is sent out 8-10 weeks before your wedding date, to allow plenty of time for your guests to reply, and for you to plan the special day.

Recommended order quantity: 1 per household

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Evening Invitations

These invitations are sent to invite your guests to the evening reception or the party only. Usually sent out at the same time as wedding invitations.

Recommended order quantity: 1 per household

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RSVP Cards

These separate cards allow more space for the invitation wording to be displayed and allows guest the opportunity to reply easily and quickly as to whether or not they will be attending.

Recommended order quantity: 1 per invitation

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Order of Service

Traditionally given out at the church ceremony by the best man. The order of service outlines a detailed program of the wedding ceremony events, for example hymns, prayers etc. Ensure that the final copy is absolutely correct before submitting for production.

Recommended order quantity: 1 per couple plus extras for clergy, choir, registrar

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Seating Plans

Coordinating seating plans are a stylish way to help your guests find their table at the reception. Makes a lovely keepsake after the "big day".

Recommended order quantity: 1

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Place Cards

These help your guests find their seats quickly and easily at your reception.

Recommended order quantity: 1 per guest plus spares for last minute changes and to allow for handwriting errors

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These outline the menu choices on each table and are coordinated to match the design of the rest of your stationery.

Recommended order quantity: 2 per table of 8-10 guests

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Menu Place Cards

These combine the place cards and the menus. If the menu has been selected prior to the wedding then the individual menu can be printed on the card.

Recommended order quantity: 1 per guest

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Thank You Cards

A personal way to thank all the guests who attend, and those who send presents but cannot make it to the wedding. A message can be written and the bride and groom's new address can be shown if necessary.

Recommended order quantity: 1 per household

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Envelopes and Inserts

Coordinating envelopes are included with wedding invitations, evening invitations and thank you cards. Personalised insert pages for Order of Service booklets, wedding and evening invitations are also included in the price.

Recommended order quantity: included with the relevant wedding stationery items

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Save the date

For people wishing to let their guests know well in advance of the big day, these stylish postcard size cards carry all of the relevant information. This ensures your guests can plan there holidays etc so that they can be with you on the day.

Recommended order quantity: 1 per household

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